Diversity Challenges

Diversity Challenges

Diversity Challenges aim to assist culturally specific groups in integrating community relations principles and considerations within all aspects of their work and to help groups and individuals deal with our conflicted past in a respectful manner.


  • Target key culturally specific groups within Ireland, with greatest impact on community life.
  • Identify influential individuals within each organisation who are driving change (or wish to drive change)  towards a fuller and more constructive role in a diverse society.
  • Support the individuals through consultancy, coaching, training, networking and practical assistance to develop and implement change strategies within their organisations.
  • Provide training, e.g. community development, good relations, essential skills, drama, storytelling, musical skills
  • Undertake community audits and local research projects for the benefit of local groups
  • Facilitate the development of family friendly events at parades and demonstrations leading to change in the nature of parading and reducing tension.
  • Help society to deal with the past conflict  to remember and change to a more peaceful time when we are at peace with ourselves.
  • Use the experience gained in the project to develop and publish good practice models for international circulation  Provide consultancy and training support on the use of the best practice models to agencies in other countries facing similar challenges

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Diversity Challenges
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