Seacourt Print Workshop

Seacourt Print Workshop

Seacourt Print Workshop offers universal access to the widest range of printmaking techniques in the whole of Ireland. SPW is a membership organisation that has built an international reputation for excellence in printmaking, community engagement and participation. We are based in The Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Bangor where we host exhibitions, deliver regular public classes and devise projects in consultation with communities and organisations. We work across all age groups and abilities, designing programmes that meet the need of participants.


Access, Ruling Ethos: Open door policy, non elitist, promoting excellence

SPW is a membership based artist resource. Currently we have 70 Members. There are 4 levels of membership – Key-holder £25.00 per month, Non Key-holder £16.67 per month, Irregular £10.00 per day, Graduate free one year membership to make transition from fulltime education to professional practice. Membership includes ink and some consumables. Our facility is fully accessible.

We support artists by curating exhibitions within our facility and touring exhibitions regionally and internationally. We partner with non arts organisations to promote printmaking to non gallery audiences. We have worked with the Ulster Museum reinterpreting the Fossil and Geology Collections, the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, Arizona State University, the Armagh Planetarium on a project exploring images from deep space, Queens Marine Biology Department on ecology and renewable energy. 

Participation: Ruling Ethos; everyone is an end in themselves, never a means to an end.

SPW offers weekly, weekend and one-day classes in all printmaking techniques. We provide outreach programmes to primary schools and community groups. We deliver a highly regarded A Level programme for post primary schools and offer programmes to Regional Colleges and University students. We work extensively with health support groups and community organisations. We choose to work with the wider community because we believe art offers the opportunity for meaningful self-expression. Our community engagement is structured on a three stage process.

  1. Learning a technique
  2. Exploring a theme of importance to the group,
  3.  Using the learnt technique to best express the theme.

Through this process we deliver socially relevant engagement across all ages and abilities. 

Why get creative?

Creative activities can have a number of positive effects: For the individual they can help you relax and take your mind off the daily grind, improving your sense of well-being in the process. For groups they can help in team building and creating a shared vision for the future. For communities they can provide a way to celebrate and share cultural values. They can give everyone a means of expressing what is important to them and enable them to communicate of this to others.

Why Print?

Printmaking provides a supportive technique from beginning to end. It is perfectly suited to people who feel insecure about their artistic skills or may have bad memories from school. We design our programmes to be as fail-safe as possible – so that participants complete artworks they can be proud of. These include prints on paper, textile wall hangings or sculptures. Projects are designed around the interests and needs of participants. They can be for leisure, personal development, group building or community building.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9.30-4.30

Saturday by appointment

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