Shankill Women's Centre

Shankill Women's Centre

SWC Mission Statement:  “Providing an accessible resource and development support for women in the Greater Shankill and beyond”.

Shankill Women’s Centre was formed in 1987 by a small group of women interested in running women only education classes and by 1998 it had obtained new shared premises with North and West Belfast Health and Social Services Trust.  SWC Values & Principles:

The center’s role is underpinned by a set of values and principles that support its role in championing women:

Good Relations:  We will promote Good Relations and challenge sectarianism/racism in all aspects of our work and our relationship with others.

Partnership:  We will work collaboratively with other agencies, both locally and in the wider sphere, in order to progress our aims.

Quality Assurance:  We will develop our organisation to the highest standard and work towards long-term sustainability.

Local Involvement:  We will continue to involve local women in the management and staffing of our centre and will respond appropriately to community need.


Client group: Women, Children, Local community.

Services provided: Education, Training & Employability Services, Job Search & Employer Links, Advice & Information, Advocacy, Childcare, After-School Support, Youth Empowerment Programmes, Health & Well-Being Services, Counselling, Therapies, Debt Management, Solicitor Clinic, Better Off Calculations.

• Education, Training & Employability Project - staffed by an Education Manager, Learner Support Worker, Job Links Worker and Administrator this project provides accredited education and training opportunities and employment support ranging from essential skills to GCSE's.  

• Health Awareness Project - staffed by Health Co-ordinator and Assistant this project tackles issues such as mental health, obesity and nutrition, physical mobility and social isolation.

• Young People’s Empowerment Project - staffed by Manager and 5 Youth Workers this project provides youth focused learning on issues such as mental health, sexual health, relationships, lifeskills, teenage pregnancy.

• Shared History - staffed by co-ordinator and volunteers this project brings together Protestant and Catholic participants to learn about their communities and their histories together. Site visits to places of historical importance are included in the learning.

• Greater North Belfast Women’s Network (GNBWN) - staffed by a co-ordinator this project brings together PUL and CRN women from across North Belfast to work together to affect change within their communities and local government policy whilst tackling issues arising.

• Belfast Youth in the Arts - staffed entirely by volunteers this project provided cross-community youth based drama and arts training for those interested in being on stage and behind the scenes.

• Childcare Unit - staffed by 1 manager, 1 supervisor and 10 childcare workers this project provides vital back-up childcare services to parents availing of education/training from all SWC projects.

• Drop-in facility - informal space where participants can meet during breakout times to form friendships and good working relationships.

•Summer Scheme - staffed by 1 manager and 8 volunteers this project provides diversionary activities to children and young people during the summer months (times of community tensions/conflict) to both PUL and CRN children and young people.  Scheme includes a weekly trip to places away from these areas of tension/conflict.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 9am-2pm

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Shankill Women's Centre
151-157 Shankill Road
Co Antrim
BT13 1FD
United Kingdom


028 9024 0642

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