Young Farmers Clubs Of Ulster

Young Farmers Clubs Of Ulster

The Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) is an association of local clubs run by young people for young people. It welcomes members from all communities - the only qualification for membership is an interest in rural life.

YFCU has approx 2,700 members aged 12 to 25. There are currently 58 active clubs in Northern Ireland. A further 3,500 rural young people are estimated to take part in and benefit from local Young Farmers' Club activities and events.

You don't need to be a farmer or come from a farming background to join - the only requirement for membership is an interest in rural life!


At the heart of the YFCU is an annual calendar of internally and externally accredited courses, competitions and events that are delivered under one of three main categories: agriculture; culture and the arts; and sports and social events. The calendar is designed to ensure that the programme of work offers something for everyone, from all backgrounds and abilities and at all levels of the association.

Our programme of agri and rural development related activities (e.g. dairy, beef and sheep stockjudging, silage making and assessment, fencing, machinery handling and soil assessment) is complemented by a broader culture, sports and arts programme including public speaking, group debating, tag rugby, girls football and drama festivals all of which members enjoy participating in.

In addition to the annual calendar of activities, we also provide a wide range of awareness campaigns such as our rural road safety campaign which aims to raise awareness of road safety amongst our members.

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