Zest - Healing the Hurt Ltd

Zest - Healing the Hurt Ltd


  • To reduce the incidence of suicide and self-harm  to promote charitable purpose those who have lost relatives or friends through suicide to educate public and promote physical and mental health.

Mission Statement

We as an organisation and as individuals will give supportive care to people suffering emotional pain and hurt, manifesting in self-harming and suicidal behaviour

We will do this through the human responses of caring, kindness and acceptance.

We are committed to provide this within a relationship of trust and respect for each person.

We will achieve this through counselling, support, education, training and a range of other therapeutic services.

We promise that all of us will be appropriately trained in the specific areas of work that we undertake with any person using our services.

Aims and Objectives


Our Aim is to provide a place of genuine acceptance, active safety, and living hope, to those who don’t feel accepted, who don’t feel safe and are losing hope.


We will do this by:

  • Practicing these living values in our own lives
  • Supporting each other to live these values, freeing each other to be our real selves
  • Acting on these values by communicating them to all who seek our services of counselling, support, education, training and our other therapeutic services.
  • Committing ourselves to maintain the highest ethical standards which will be facilitated by Organizational Policies and Procedures in relation to confidentiality, supervision, line management, equality and health and safety.
  • Promoting the protection of young people and vulnerable adults from harm.
  • Sharing our knowledge and findings with statutory and voluntary groups in particular and the wider community in general.


Opening hours

Monday - Thurs 9.00 am - 5.00 pm,

Fri. 9.00 am - 1.00 pm                 

Contact Details

NICVA will not disclose any contact details further to those published by the organisation below.


Zest - Healing the Hurt Ltd
15a Queen Street
Co Derry
BT48 7EQ
United Kingdom


028 7126 6999


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