Zomba Action Project

Zomba Action Project

Fundraises in the Coleraine area and funds projects in Zomba (Southern Malawi) it is the aim of the centre to build community bridges between Coleraine and Zomba (Southern Malawi). This followed from an initiative taken by Coleraine Borough Council in 2002.

ZAP makes presentations and provides information to a wide range of schools, community bodies and public bodies about life in Zomba, tailoring the presentations to the interests of the different audiences. That engagement informs people about life in Zomba and illustrates what they can do to help address some of the difficulties that people face there.


The ZAP charity has a Management Board in Coleraine who work with a complementary Management Board  in Zomba to identify and supervise projects and implement the aims of the charity.

Sustainable projects that contribute most to alleviating disadvantage are funded. These projects will help address the consequences of the three overlapping crises of :

  • Poverty
  • HIV/AIDS and
  • Hunger

that the people of Zomba face. To see ZAP's full constitution, click here.

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Zomba Action Project
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