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27 Jan 2022 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 9 Feb 2022

Hosted by Jonathan Muggleton, Delivery & Operations Manager and Charlotte Barnard, Customer Success Executive from Supported Giving gave an overview of cashless donation solutions such as Text -to-donate and QR codes.

Established in 2002, the company’s founders have over twenty-years’ experience in telephony, mobile and payment industries and involvement in charitable actions. The company processes over £17m payments per annum over five countries. Supported Giving strongly believe Cashless Donation solutions such as the use of QR Codes, Text to donate and Online Donations are the way forward particularly as there is a continuing decline in the amount of cash people are carrying.


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Cashless Donations Solutions


Several of their clients still rely on this method of collecting donations such as the Welsh Air Ambulance who, with help of a Welsh haulage firm, display the text-to-donate number on the side of lorries as well as posters and leaflets. This method can be set up very quickly, linking to campaigns and giving clients the option to collect Gift Aid.

QR Codes

QR Codes, increasingly familiar with the public, is a method clients can use to interact with supporters/donors. Simply scan the code, tap on the link, and go to the landing page.

  • Charity clients can personalise the landing page - add banners, text, different price points, varying appearances and more.
  • You can have a variety of landing pages for different campaigns.
  • Payment collection includes Apple pay, Google Pay, Direct Debit and Just Giving. Open Banking will come onboard in 2022.
  • Includes Gift Aid.
  • You can also opt to add a button to allow supporters to cover your processing fees.

Case Studies

Mourne Mountain Rescue Team

Supported Giving work with Northern Ireland's Mourne Mountain Rescue Team who display their QR Codes on their signage. Originally the charity lacked a donation page on their website but worked closely with Supported Giving to apply their technology and create this giving option. Around half of their donations now come through the donation page.

Chiddingfold Fireworks and Bonfire Event

This organisation wanted to test QR Codes at this annual event to assess its effectiveness given that fewer people carry cash. Twenty per cent of donations came through this method on the night.

Band of Builders

The building industry charity often host in-person fundraising events. A few days before their James Bond Casino and Auction Night, their contactless payment units failed. Supported Giving helped them to create QR Codes so bids, donations and purchases of poker chips could happen on the night, transforming it into a cashless event that exceeded their fundraising expectations. 

Why Supported Giving?

Jonathan and Charlotte explained some of the benefits of using their company such as the company is keen not to limit client use and access. For example, they offer unlimited QR code creation and immediate access to data through the customer dashboard allowing charities to track and measure their fundraising efforts. You can also print of Gift Aid reports to submit to HMRC. Fees are £25 per month and processing is at 3%, which individual donors can offset by agreeing to cover these fees. Supported Giving continually review their client offer such as anticipating a shift to use of Open Banking which will roll out in 2022.

Limited Time Offer for Northern Ireland Organisations

Supported Giving have kindly offered a 3-month trial period for QR Codes until the end of April 2022. Contact [email protected] to discuss next steps.

There are a wide range of companies offering cashless donations solutions to the voluntary and community sector. It is strongly advised that organisations considering adoption of these methods undertake a consider assessment of each company's services and products to select the appropriate company fortheir individual needs; neither is directly endorsed by NICVA Fundraising.'s picture
by Jocelyn Horton

Fundraising Advice Officer

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