Five resources for building cyber security in small charities

The National Cyber Security Centre provide a broad range of advice and guidance to help organisations improve their cyber security. Here are five to build on your cyber security knowledge and practice.

Cyber Action Plan

A five minute question based tool for small organisations and/or individuals and families that will help you to assess key factors to consider to improve your cyber security.  Clear English and provides very practical pointers.    Stay protected online with a Cyber Action Plan - NCSC.GOV.UK

Board Toolkit

The Board Toolkit been created to encourage essential discussions about cyber security to take place between the Board and their technology support / suppliers.  Includes an introduction to Cyber Security and legal and regulatory aspects of cyber security.  Board Toolkit - NCSC.GOV.UK

Passwords Policy and Authentication

Protecting user and email accounts is critical to good security.  Many organisations and technology suppliers are following outdated approaches to passwords and user account authentication.   Get your cyber security basics sorted by updating your password approach Password policy: updating your approach - NCSC.GOV.UK

Check Cyber Essentials readiness

Organisations are increasingly being asked to use accreditation as assurance of good cyber security practice.   Use this Readiness tool to see if you organisation is close to being able to be accredited Readiness | (

Cyber Insurance Guidance

Insurance is not a replacement for investment in improving your cyber security but in a world where cyber threats are varied (and constantly changing), cyber insurance can help your organisation to get back on its feet, should something cyber-related go wrong.  The NCSC have produced Cyber Insurance guidance to help frame your questions to put to insurers Cyber insurance guidance - NCSC.GOV.UK

Do also keep an eye on the threats - the NCSC provide weekly threat reports that are helpful in building understanding about current threats Weekly threat reports - NCSC.GOV.UK and check out other NICVA Cyber Security content on our site here cyber security | NICVA



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