Grounded Conversation revisited

22 Oct 2021 Lynda Gould    Last updated: 25 Oct 2021

'Grounded' is an opportunity for practioners to share their thinking about the current challenges of engaging in community work that is shaped by faith.
Mark Houston

For this conversation Mark Houston, Centre Co-ordinator, Link Family and Community Centre in Newtownards, talks about ‘re-imagining’ and what it might mean for faith-based community engagement.

Mark has recently taken up the role, but he has a long history leading faith groups and managing community projects.

You can watch the video below:


COVID-19 has swept through the world like a tsunami wave infecting people regardless of religion, class, or wealth. Faith communities in Northern Ireland have been counting the cost – and what is certain is that the old ways of doing things have broken down under the pressure of lock downs, the closure of places of worship, the practice of social distancing and the wearing of face coverings in worship and prayer. As restrictions ease new ways of doing things are beginning to break through, but many people in the faith sector aren’t optimistic that this watershed moment in global history, has truly created a context for re-imagining faith, and in particular, faith-based community work. This Grounded conversation hopefully let more light in as we imagine faith and the future living with Covid.'s picture
by Lynda Gould

Project Coordinator (Faith-based engagement)

[email protected]

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