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Viewfinder 1 investigated the political situation in Northern Ireland, the possible introduction of Peace III, the level of engagement by business on committees and the level of preparedness of the sector for the introduction of the Euro.
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Viewfinder is a NICVA survey, distributed to members four times a year which focuses on issues that currently affect the sector.

The Viewfinder survey was circulated to 906 NICVA members during November 2003- 30% responded.

Key findings include:

  • Current Political Situation: Over two thirds of organisations believed that the suspension of devolution has had a negative effect on the voluntary and community sector.
  • Peace III: 91% of respondents believed that the Peace II administrative arrangements were unnecessarily complicated.
  • Business Involvement: 47% of organisations stated they have business representation on their committees with 80% believing that business involvement provides a degree of specialist knowledge that is otherwise lacking on their committees.
  • The Euro: 45% of organisations responding to Viewfinder did feel that the impact of the introduction of the Euro would be significant.

Previous Viewfinder surveys are available on our Research page.

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