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This Viewfinder survey examined the voluntary and community sector on a range of issues, including smoking, political situation, policy debate, governance and fundraising.
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Viewfinder is a NICVA survey, distributed to members four times a year which focuses on issues that currently affect the sector.

The survey was circulated to 841 NICVA members in June 2005. There was a 27.7% response rate.

Key findings include:

  • Smoking: There is overwhelming support for a smoking ban in Northern Ireland. 84.6% of respondents believe there should be an outright smoking ban in public places in Northern Ireland.
  • Political situation: 88% of respondents feel that continued direct rule in Northern Ireland has resulted in a lack of political drive to further initiatives relevant to the sector.
  • Policy debate: 54.6% of respondents feel the sector has sufficient knowledge and expertise to make a full contribution to the policy debate in Northern Ireland. Viewfinder 4 respondents have yet to see the impact of the 'Compact' and 'Positive Steps' initiatives.
  • Governance: 61.6% respondents believe the audit and accountability requirements of funders have improved the running of their organisations.
  • Review of charity law: There is very strong support for proposals to amend charity law in Northern Ireland.
  • Fundraising: There is a need for investment in fundraising within the sector.

Previous Viewfinder surveys are available on our Research page.

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