Brexit Updates and #NoToNoDeal

These really are extraordinary times in UK politics as Brexit continues to bolster confusion, chaos and the possibility of another General Election.

This week has seen new Prime Minister Boris Johnson defeated several times in the House of Commons and losing his working majority in government. This included the sacking of some senior Conservative MPs who rebelled against the government to vote against a no deal Brexit and other members defecting to the Liberal Democrats, not to mention the resignation of his own brother, Jo Johnson.

After losing a first attempt vote calling a General Election this week, Boris Johnson will now make a second attempt to call for an election. It is looking likely that this will again fail as opposition parties have agreed not to back his demand for an election before the EU summit in mid-October. This is to ensure that the UK doesnot crash out with a no deal at the end of October.

No Deal campaigning

Whilst NICVA continues to highlight the huge implications that any form of Brexit will have for Northern Ireland, in the context of the growing threat of no deal, we have linked up with our Concordia partners and many other civic society organisations including business, charities, trade unions to launch a joint statement calling for the imminent threat of a no deal Brexit to be prevented. The statement highlights that ‘a no deal Brexit would be hugely detrimental for Northern Ireland’s economic, social and political well-being and future’.

Following on from this, NICVA joined other civic society organisations in a newly launched #NoToNoDeal campaign which urges organisations across NI to sign up regardless of their view on Brexit. This campaign highlights that No Deal Brexit would have profound impacts in NI and is not a viable option. Read the statement and sign up to the campaign here.

To coincide with MPs returning to Westminster after their summer break, we emailed all MPs to highlight our continuous campaigning against a no deal. We recognise that the power to effect change lies with MPs in Westminster so we must continue to target them and inform them of the unique situation and ensure that they full understand the risks of a no deal for Northern Ireland.

Further warnings

This week we also attended the NICS EU Exit Stakeholders event where we heard from some senior civil servants about the impacts a no deal Brexit would have on the economy, agri-food industry, transport and infrastructure in NI. It was highlighted that a no deal Brexit would result in immediate economic, social and security impacts which would be deeper and longer lasting in NI compared with the rest of the UK. There remains much confusion for business and industry about what will happen come 31 October 2019 and especially in the event of a no deal Brexit. Some of the most serious concerns for the economy are not only around the introduction of tariffs but also in relation to the movement of people, data exchange, mutual recognition of qualifications, procurement and tendering. Many small and medium enterprises here do not have the capacity or the finances to prepare for a no deal Brexit or to adapt to any challenges a no deal Brexit may pose. There are real concerns that some businesses will no longer be viable, and this is particularly true of the heavily export reliant agri-food industry here.

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