Brexit and Your Rights webinar

10 Dec 2020Déarbhla Sloan Brexit & BeyondBrexit, Policy and Public Affairs, Human Rights, Immigration

With the deadline of 31st December just around the corner, our recent webinar “Brexit and Your Rights” examined how the rights of people living in Northern Ireland could be impacted by the exit of the UK.

Brexit 2020: Where are we now? The future UK / EU relationship and the protocol

25 Nov 2020Déarbhla Sloan Policy & Public AffairsBrexit, Internal Market Bill, Northern Ireland Protocol

The webinar “Brexit 2020: Where are we now? The future UK / EU relationship and the protocol” will take place on Thursday 3rd December, 12:30pm-1:30pm.

Brexit 2020: What's happening with the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland? webinar

5 Oct 2020Déarbhla Sloan Policy & Public AffairsBrexit, Northern Ireland Protocol

The "Brexit 2020: What's happening with the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland?" webinar will take place on 30th October 2020 at 1:00pm.

NICVA Raises Deep Concerns About the UK Internal Market Bill’s Impact on Future Peace and Prosperity in Northern Ireland

21 Sep 2020Policy & Public Affairs, Brexit & BeyondBrexit

NICVA is extremely concerned about the potential impact of the proposed UK Internal Market Bill on the future peace, stability, and economic well-being of people in Northern Ireland. 

Brexit Updates and #NoToNoDeal

6 Sep 2019Siobhan McAlister Policy & Public Affairs, Brexit & BeyondBrexit, Policy

These really are extraordinary times in UK politics as Brexit continues to bolster confusion, chaos and the possibility of another General Election.

Northern Ireland on the brink of a 'No-Deal Brexit' emergency

7 Jun 2019Siobhan McAlister Brexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsBrexit, Joint Forum

NICVA has joined with our colleagues in the Brexit and Human Rights Working Group to warn that we are on the brink of a 'No Deal Brexit' emergency.

So, what actually happened in the Brexit process this week?

15 Mar 2019Siobhan McAlister Brexit & BeyondBrexit

The phrase ‘crunch time’ has been vastly overused during the Brexit process, but with two weeks to go until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, this week was a particularly significant one.

What happens to data flows after a no deal Brexit?

26 Feb 2019Bob Harper Brexit & Beyond, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Data protection, Brexit

What happens to flows of personal data across borders after Brexit, and how might your organisation be affected?

Northern Ireland civic society delegation visits Westminster with plea to avoid no-deal Brexit

31 Jan 2019Shauna O'Neill Brexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsBrexit

NICVA, along with representatives from Northern Ireland’s business, farming, trade union sectors travelled to Westminster on Monday to urge political party leaders to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Time almost up to avoid No Deal disaster for NI society

14 Jan 2019Brexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsBrexit

With the UK scheduled to leave the European Union in 12 weeks and less than a month left to agree a deal that the EU can ratify, society and services in NI could be on the receiving end of the worst consequences of a no deal.