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11 Mar 2019 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 13 Mar 2019


We have teamed up with Queen’s University Belfast to launch a specific call to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in a position to offer short internships to QUB students over the summer.

From carrying out social research or updating your social media and web content, to assisting with management of an event or conducting beneficiary surveys, we are teaming up with Queen’s University Belfast to invite voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations to host short internships of 1 to 3 weeks duration a part of QUB’s Development Weeks programme for summer 2019. Bursaries will be provided to students and you are in full control of choosing your intern.

QUB are particularly interested to hear from organisations who will offer an internship opportunity to students from the following schools:

  • Arts, English and Languages
  • Social Sciences and Education
  • History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Geography, Archaeology and Paleoecology
  • Maths and Physics
  • Individual programmes of Business Management, Economics and Planning


The Queen’s Development Weeks programme will run from 20 – 31 May 2019 and your internship may occur over this week or any time over the summer depending on your specific requirements.

Next Steps?

The next steps couldn’t be easier. Once you agree to provide a meaningful and challenging ‘real world’ work experience, upload the details to QUB’s state of the art vacancy system, MyFuture, ideally by Friday 29 March 2019. You can log in or register for a MyFuture Employers account by visiting  Sample job role descriptions and instructions can be found in the attachment. 

Internships will be open for applications as soon as you post them, and the selection process should ideally be completed by Friday 26 April. However, QUB will accept and promote internships after these dates.

There is no expectation for organisations to pay the students for the internships that take place under this scheme and Bursaries will be available to all students from their target pathways.


Contact Tom Mervyn at [email protected] or email [email protected].'s picture
by Shauna O'Neill

Communications Officer

[email protected]

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