I'm involved in a political party - why should I sign up?

The TLP works best when we have participants from the political sector, local residents, people from the community and voluntary sector and public sector. Find out more about why the political sector should get involved here.

You don't need to be an elected rep such as a Councillor to take part - the course is open to party staff and volunteers. On the courses where political sector participants have taken part, the other participants have really valued them being there and sharing and learning with them.

Councillor John Kyle took part in one of the first TLPs run last Autumn in East Belfast. He firmly recommends the course to other political sector colleagues: 

"Most problem solving needs a team approach and this course provides that opportunity, working with local residents and community and voluntary sector reps. Packed full of useful learning, I’m really glad I did it. I will have a greater understanding of a systems approach to bringing about change and problem solving. I have a better appreciation of what some other agencies do and how to work collaboratively with them. A very practical course grounded in real issues that affect the surrounding communities. Great impact. Practical and realistic. Inspiring bunch of people” (Councillor John Kyle, Progressive Unionist Party, Titanic, Short Strand Inner East TLP 1, Autumn 2019).

The course provides a great opportunity for those engaged in political parties to connect directly with those working for change in the local area. Since Autumn 2019, NICVA and partners have run 11 TLP courses across Belfast made up of local residents, and people working or volunteering for organisations from all sectors, including:  

Voluntary and Community Sector participants have included: Ligoniel Improvement Association, Newington Housing Association, Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum, Ethnic Minority Support Organisation NI, East Belfast Alternatives, Cliftonville Integrated Primary School PTFA, Women’s TEC, Ashton Community Trust, Community Sports Network, An Droichead, Mornington Community Project, Youth Link NI, Ormeau Business Park, Greater Village Regeneration Trust, Chinese Welfare Association NI, Woodvale Community Centre, Cara Friend.

Public Sector participants have included: the Housing Executive, PSNI, Belfast City Council, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Queen's University Belfast, Department of Justice, Department for the Economy. 

Political Sector: the Progressive Unionist Party, SDLP, DUP, Green Party and Sinn Fein.

The course forms part of Belfast City Council's Transform for Change programme which requires cross-sectoral participation including from the political sector. 

Interested? Find out more about the course and sign up here

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