Impact Practice: Making it work for you

14 Jun 2022 Leeann Kelly    Last updated: 27 Jun 2023

NICVA is delighted to announce its new initiative on impact practice. This will include guidance, networking and training to enable impact practice to work for you. 

Future support to be offered by NICVA

  • A range of impact practice training and workshops
  • Bespoke impact support
  • The development of an Impact Practice Network
  • A directory of impact support available in Northern Ireland will be developed and made available on the NICVA website

Building on ‘Impact Practice and Inspiring Impact in Northern Ireland’ learnings

This work will build upon over a decade of impact practice within the sector, as well as key learning and recommendations from a recently published report by CDHN (Community Development and Health Network | ( .  This report provides a useful guide on current impact practices, as well as key recommendations for the future. It was launched at a joined event between CDHN and NICVA in June 2022.

ImpactReport_22_0.pdf (

Commenting on the findings, lead researcher, Helen McNamee, CDHN Research & Policy Manager stated:

“Community Development and Health Network’s (CDHN) research showed clear improvements in knowledge and understanding of impact practice over the last 10 years, however there are wide variances in levels of understanding and more support is still needed for the VCSE sector. CDHN is delighted that NICVA has secured funding to continue impact practice work in Northern Ireland.  This new programme will build on the learning from Inspiring Impact and other impact practice work and will be a real asset to the VCSE sector.” 

NICVA will build on these foundationa and will offer opportunities to both up-skill the sector in terms of impact practice, as well as develop an effective impact network where stakeholders can learn from one another and influence policy making.

Get in touch

  • If you would be interested in being part of an Impact Practice Network.
  • If you are involved in the support of impact practice in Northern Ireland, so we can promote you on the new impact directory.
  • If you have experience in impact practice that you would be happy to share with others.
  • If you have ideas about specific impact practice training that would be useful for the sector.

Please get in touch with Leeann Kelly, Impact Practice Manager at: [email protected] or 028 9087 7777.

This work has been funded by Department for Communities.'s picture
by Leeann Kelly

Impact Practice Manager

[email protected]

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