Invitation to tender: A Review of Financial Support for Business in Northern Ireland

The Centre for Economic Empowerment is commissioning a review of financial support for business in Northern Ireland.

This document sets out the terms of reference for the research and the requirements of tenders. Submissions should be sent to [email protected] by 5pm on Friday 15 January 2016


Northern Ireland’s public sector provides the business sector with various forms of financial support including tax reliefs and grants. In the difficult fiscal and economic context it is timely to consider whether the effectiveness of this support could be improved

Terms of Reference

  1. The contractor will first map the financial support[1] provided to the Northern Ireland business sector, identifying the rationale, monetary value, and effectiveness of the support programmes. NICVA has begun this exercise (see attached) but the contractor is free to modify/expand the approach.
  2. The contractor will then assess the effectiveness of the support, both in terms of the appropriateness of the programme objectives, and the extent to which the programmes are realising their objectives. 
  3. Drawing on interviews with key stakeholders and literature review of international experience, the contractor will produce recommendations on how the existing financial support could be improved.

Format of Tenders

Tender submissions should include details of:

  • The consultant’s relevant knowledge and expertise;
  • A detailed methodology (details of how the information/data provided in the report may also be supported by accessible graphic formats are also welcome);
  • Proposed timelines (including one day for the launch of the report in May 2016); and
  • Costs (including daily rates).


A budget of up to £20,000 (inclusive of VAT and expenses) is available for this project. Payments will be made in two stages – on agreement of a Project Initiation Document (34%) and on acceptance of a final report (66%).

Award Criteria

The selection panel will assess the tenders on the basis of expertise (30%), methodology (30%), costs (25%), and timelines (15%).

Further Information

If you require any further information please contact Orna Young on 028 9087 777 or [email protected]

[1] Not including the procurement of goods and services from the private sector.

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