More than 1,000 people now living with HIV in Northern Ireland

New data has revealed that more than 1,000 people known to be living with HIV in Northern Ireland, with 94 people being diagnosed with the condition in 2016 alone.   

The head of HIV charity Positive LIfe, Jacquie Richardson has said the figures hightlight how Northern Ireland continues to lag behind other countries in addressing HIV.

The figures, published by Public Health England on October 3, reveal that of the new diagnoses, 72 were male and 22 were female.

This means, that as of 2016, there were at least 781 men and 219 women in Northern Ireland living with HIV.

Of those diagnosed in 2016, a total of 29 people were aged 25-34 and 35 were aged 35-49.

A small number (less than five) of people aged 65 and over were also recorded among the 2016 diagnoses. 

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