NICVA and The Wheel launch the IFI Transforming Local Leadership Programme

14 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 16 Jun 2023

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On 15 June NICVA and The Wheel launched the new International Fund for Ireland (IFI) pilot programme - Transforming Local Leadership, with two information sessions for all IFI funded organisations.

The Transforming Local Leadership (TLL) Programme is an exciting new pilot programme which aims to support the development of the next generation of community peace building leaders in Northern Ireland and the Southern Border Counties. 

The 12-month development programme will target grassroots community-based organisations and will offer a mix of organisational and individual development.  

NICVA has been appointed the lead delivery agent for the programme and will work in partnership with The Wheel to deliver it.

Through training, facilitation, networking events and other opportunities the programme will enable organisations to develop current and future leaders for local communities. It will help local communities to take ownership of their development with support from NICVA and The Wheel. 

This pilot programme will work with a total of 15 organisations from Northern Ireland and the Southern Border Counties. It is for organisations that are currently receiving funding from IFI, their Management Committees, staff, and volunteers. 

"The IFI is committed to delivering support for marginalised communities across Northern Ireland and the southern border counties through its four flagship programmes. Through collaboration with NICVA and The Wheel, the Transforming Local Leadership pilot programme comes at an important time in community relations and development. We recognise that it is important to continue to invest and play a role in shaping positive leadership so all communities can benefit in the future.” Paddy Harte, IFI

"NICVA looks forward to working with The Wheel and IFI to help build the capacity of the next generation of peacebuilding leaders. We know that programmes like this make a real difference in local communities. When leaders and organisations are supported and developed they can bring about long lasting change." Una McKernan, NICVA

"The Wheel is delighted to be working alongside our colleagues in NICVA on this important leadership development programme. We look forward to working with these community leaders as they develop their skills and peer network over the coming months, in order to build on their vital grassroots community work.” Mairead O'Connor, The Wheel's picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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