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4 Oct 2018 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 25 Oct 2018

The Fundraising Regulator (FR) held a information and consultation event in NICVA to talk about the changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice and to hear the views of voluntary and community organisations in NI.

On 4 October, Stephen Service, FR Policy Manager and Walter Rader, FR NI non-executive Board member and member of the FR Investigative Complaints Committee joined a group of fundraisers, volunteers, board members and  senior managers from the voluntary and community sector in NICVA to discuss the changes to The Code of Fundraising Practice (The Code) and how to make it more useable and accessible.

This consultation is a once in a generation chance to make the standards for UK Fundraising as user-friendly as possible. We would ask Northern Ireland fundraisers to make their views count by responding, and ensure the Code is easy to understand and apply in practice - Stephen Service, FR Policy Manager

The Code outlines the standards that are expected of fundraisers across the UK. It is a voluntary code developed for fundraisers by fundraisers and is a key part of maintaining public trust and confidence in the charity sector. It demonstrates that charities hold themsleves accountable and is the means by which the FR considers complaints against charitable organisations that fundraise. All Code standards are underpinned by 4 principles: legal, honest, open and accountable.

The FR is currently consulting on The Code and want to hear our views by 16 November 2018. This consultation focuses on the style presentation, clarity and accessibility of the Code. They are looking specifically at the language used, the order and structure, avoiding duplication, making differences between NI and elsewhere clear, providng links with case studies and having clearer links to legislation. 

Some of the changes are:

  • New code introduction
  • New table of contents and simpler ordering
  • Glossary and "plain English" review of language
  • Incorporation of face-to-face rulebooks
  • Incorporation of legal appendices within the body of the Code and in some cases removal or replacing with links to other guidance.

NICVA welcomes the changes to the Code that will make it easier to access, use and understand.

We encourage all those directly involved in fundraising or responsible for an organisation's fundraising to familarise themselves with the Code and use it to guide their fundraising practice.

We value the work that the FR has done and is planning to do on making the Code a useful resource and one that continues to help the public have confidence in charities in NI.

You can view the consultation here

You can respond by survey monkey,  email or post by 16 November. 

If you haven't already registered with FR you can register here.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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