TLP - what subjects will we cover?

The Transformative Leadership Programme will equip you will tools and skills aimed at enabling people to work together more effectively to make life better at interface areas in Belfast.

Transformative Leadership Programme: breakdown of content

In your TLP course, you’ll cover 10 modules in total. You’ll cover all 6 core modules listed below, although the order will vary according to group needs and interests. The remaining 4 modules will be suggested from the non-core modules by trainers, taking account of participant interests. The leadership tools and approaches covered on this course are explored through the lens of local issues – you’ll be encouraged to reflect with others on how they might apply to the issues in your area.

Module 1 CORE Transformative Leadership – an Introduction

Module 2 CORE Transforming Relationships (Good Relations)

Module 3 CORE Power and Systems

Module 4 CORE Collaboration for Transformation

Module 5 CORE Social Innovation

Module 6 CORE Putting Social Innovation into Action

Module 7 Barriers to Transformation

Module 8 A Vision for Transformation

Module 9 Transforming Systems

Module 10 Collaborative Planning

Module 11 Transforming Conflict

Module 12 Leading and Motivating your Community

Module 13 Strategic Planning for Transformation

Module 14 Leadership in Action


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