Charitable Giving in Northern Ireland 2005

This research provides a detailed insight into the profile of donors and giving patterns in Northern Ireland.
Charitable Giving in Northern Ireland 2005 Cover

The report presents a profile of individual giving in Northern Ireland, analysed from the perspective of the various types of giving. The information provides a detailed insight into donors and donor behaviour.  The research outlines who gives, how they give and what they give to.

Key findings include:

  • Amongst women there is a slightly greater propensity to give than compared to men (95% of women give compared to 93% of men). 
  • Those aged 25 to 34 are most likely of all the age groups to make donations. However individuals aged over 65 give the highest average donations.
  • Spontaneous giving is the most popular form of giving. 62.1% of all individuals gave charitable donations via these methods. 
  • The two most popular causes that draw the widest support are medical research (22.1% of the population) and religious organisations (15.9% of the population).
  • Less than a quarter (23.7%) of all charitable donations were gift aided. This equates to approximately £44 million that the sector could receive if all donations were gift aided.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all donations made are £10 or under (63.2%). Despite this large number of donations made at this level the actual amount in terms of total donations this represents is relatively small (only 23.6%). At the other end of the scale only 2.3% of those individuals surveyed gave an average donation of £50 or more. However their donation represents 15.5% of the total amount donated.

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