Compassionate Leave

12 Jun 2014 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 4 Jul 2014

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regard to compassionate leave arrangements.

The arrangements for paid leave under these circumstances will be as follows:

‘Compassionate leave’ will be granted where an employee is affected by a death occurring in their family. The leave entitlement will be:

  1. In the case of an employee's husband, wife, civil partner, father, mother, partner or child, a period not normally exceeding five days.
  2. In the case of an employee's brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandparents, grandchildren, father-in-law and mother-in-law, a period not normally exceeding three days.
  3. Compassionate leave may also be given in the case of the death of a more remote relative where special circumstances exist, such as the necessity of taking charge of funeral arrangements.  Consideration will also be given where a stable relationship exists, especially between two unrelated individuals who reside together.

These periods of paid leave may be extended at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

We share NICVA’s policies to assist organisations in drafting their own. However, our policies are relevant to NICVA and are not samples. They should not be replicated, but may be used for reference purposes, in conjunction with other guidance available. NICVA cannot accept any claims arising from error or misinterpretation.'s picture
by Alex Hastings

Human Resources Manager

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