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9 Nov 2023 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

This resource highlights the support that Data Orchard can provide including the Data Maturity Matrix.

Sian Basker Co Chief Executive of Data Orchard delivered an online workshop for NICVA as part of Digital Month in October 2023.

Data maturity is an organisation’s journey towards improvement and increased capability in using data

Data Maturity Framework

7 Key Themes

  • Uses
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Tools
  • Skills

5 Stage Journey

  1. Unaware
  2. Emerging
  3. Learning
  4. Developing 
  5. Mastering

Try the Taster Data Maturity Assessment

Data Strategy Top Tips

  • You need to know where the organisation wants to go
  • You need to know where the organisation is now
  • Imagine the future organisation in terms of data
  • Strategy means saying no to an awful lot of fun things
  • Don't over-plan

5 things you can do for free

1. Explore free tools and resources on Data Maturity Hub

Tools and resources to use data for good — Data Orchard

2. Look at other data strategy stories

Data strategy — Data Orchard

Come to the free online Datafolk club for nonprofits

Events — Data Orchard

Check out the list of where to get help with data

List of data support providers — Data Orchard

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