Salary Survey 2010

NICVA’S Salary Survey 2010 is the third such study carried out in Northern Ireland. It focuses on the workforce composition of the voluntary and community sector and considers the issues of recruitment and retention as well as salaries and benefits.
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The research exposes not just the challenges facing the sector in the current economic climate, but also the many positives associated with employment in the sector.

The survey reveals that although workers in the voluntary and community sector earn slightly less than the Northern Ireland average, organisations attract employees with their favourable terms and conditions, family friendly benefits and the chance to do a job that really makes a difference.

Research approach

The overall research design was based on a postal survey which generated of a sample of voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland. An electronic copy of the survey was sent to those organisations that felt that it would be more convenient to complete the survey and salary grid by email. The research and human resources units in NICVA designed the questionnaire and salary grid. A sample of 3,500 voluntary and community organisations was generated to take part in this research. A response of 22.9% was achieved, covering 3,502 employees.

Key findings

  • Women (73%) and young people aged 31-40 (27%) make up a large portion of the workforce.
  • The most common benefits provided above the statutory minimum include; annual leave offered by 60% of organisations; sick leave provided by 55.6% of organisations; above average maternity pay and leave granted by 41.2% of organisations; and family friendly benefits such as flexible working hours offered by over half of organisations; time off in lieu (TOIL) is operated by 80.4% of respondents; working from home offered by 27% of organisations and special compassionate leave offered by 40.9% of organisations.
  • Just over half of all organisations (50.9%) reported that they conducted a pay review.
  • 10.1% of organisations reported that they had undergone major pay restructuring within the past 12 months and 4.5% of organisations anticipated future structural pay changes.
  • The average remuneration level in the voluntary and community sector for all employees (i.e. full and part time) is currently £19,447 (mean). The average (mean) annual gross pay for all (i.e. full and part time) employees in Northern Ireland is £21,828.
  • Salary levels of Chief Executives in the upper quartile have reduced by 8% since 2006. Salary levels of Directors have reduced across all quartiles. The biggest increase in salary levels is among Administrative Officers/Care Officers in all quartiles, especially the lower quartile with a 21.4% increase since 2006.

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