State of the Sector VI

State of the Sector VI provides a comprehensive picture of the scale and scope of the economic activities of the Northern Ireland voluntary and community sector.
State of the Sector VI
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State of the Sector VI provides high level statistics on the various types of resources available to the sector and the relationship between voluntary and community organisations, government, funders and the general public.

Key findings include:

  • There are approximately 4,836 voluntary and community sector organisations in Northern Ireland.
  • The main source of funding income is from central government (34.2%), followed by the general public through charitable giving (29.7%), and a range of non-departmental public bodies and statutory agencies (17.4%).
  • An estimated 58% of the sector’s income comes from the sale of goods and the delivery of services.
  • Direct departmental expenditure in 2009-2010 in the voluntary and community sector accounted for approximately £254 million.
  • A total of £220 million was made in donations to charities in 2009-2010 with the average donation being £16.75.
  • Expenditure of the sector in 2009-2010 was in the region of £719.6 million, 97% of the sector’s total income.
  • The sector now employs around 27,773 individuals representing 4% of the total Northern Ireland workforce.
  • 29.1% of organisations believe that the general health of their organisation will worsen over the next year.
  • This research found that 63% of organisations anticipate working in collaboration with other organisations.
  • Nearly 3% of respondents have indicated that they anticipate closing in the next 12 months.


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