Visual Display Unit (VDUs) Policy

10 Nov 2010 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

This article outlines NICVA’s policy on safety when using visual display units/display screen equipment.

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment (DSE)) Regulations 1992, NICVA has an obligation to meet the following objectives:

  • Analyse workstations of employees covered by the regulations and assess and reduce risks.
  • Ensure workstations meet minimum requirements.
  • Plan work so there are breaks or changes of activity.
  • On request arrange eye and eyesight test, and provide spectacles if special ones are needed for working with DSE.

Where lens are required for other activities which includes the use of DSE then NICVA will also contribute to the cost. NICVA will cover the cost of one requested eye and eyesight test, but will not cover the cost for additional tests which may be required for a particular lens or contact lens which is not related to working with a display screen and the effects of DSE.

  • Eye test:                                   100% of cost (this will not include any “additional trial tests” for contact lenses or other optional tests).
  • Glasses (frames & lenses):       Up to £60 first time wearers
  • UV coating:                                £15 each change of lenses
  • Glasses lenses:                         Up to £30 each change
  • Contact lenses:                          Up to £60 for first vision aid and up to £30 for each change

Tests and lenses prescribed by any other than an oculist appointed by NICVA will not be covered unless prior arrangements are made with NICVA on the basis of exceptional circumstances. The name, address and telephone number of NICVA’s oculist can be obtained from the Human Resources Manager.

  • To provide Health and Safety Training. Under NICVA’s Staff Development Policy, staff can receive full or part-funding for any training undertaken. In addition to this the Head of Information Management is responsible for ensuring that staff are aware of and are trained in all aspects of their workstation equipment.
  • Provide Information. NICVA has provided a Health and Safety Policy, which all employees should receive and read on joining. Any new information will also be circulated to staff. The Human Resources Manager holds information received from various bodies on health and safety and staff may borrow leaflets, etc, on request.
  • Staff also have a responsibility to ensure that their work areas are safe and best suited to their needs.'s picture
by Alex Hastings

Human Resources Manager

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