Work Life Balance Policy

12 Nov 2012 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 22 Jul 2019

This article outlines NICVA’s policy with regard to staff work life balance.

Place and hours of work

Place of work


Place of Work

Applicants for all posts within NICVA will be informed, before an appointment is made, of their designated place of work.  That place of work will also be clearly stated in the written statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment supplied to each new employee on appointment or within eight weeks of their commencement.

Working Hours

NICVA’s offices are open for business from 9.00am to 5.00pm each working weekday (except on Fridays when the offices close at 4.30pm).  Staff engaged on a full-time contract are required to work 35 hours per week exclusive of meal breaks.  The hours of work for part-time staff will be specified in the contract provided upon appointment.

Actual Working Times

Subject to the needs of NICVA staff, actual working times may be set by mutual agreement with the employee’s line manager, subject to the Chief Executive’s approval (refer to Appendix 8 – Staff Working Hours).  NICVA recognises the benefit of flexible working arrangements for staff and subject to the overall interests of NICVA and in line with the working hours procedure, will accommodate where possible employees who wish to work flexible hours or job-share.

Time Off in Lieu

Time off will be allowed in respect of work during unsociable working hours or necessary absence from home.  Such time off must not be accumulated, and must be taken as soon as reasonably possible after the period to which it relates, in consultation with the line manager, subject to the approval of the Director of Corporate Services.  Time off is allowed as follows:

  • For each hour worked outside normal daily hours on a weekday – one hour off.
  • For each hour worked on a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday – two hours off.
  • An absence overnight on NICVA business will entitle an employee to three hours time in lieu.



NICVA's leave year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.  Full-time staff are entitled to 25 days annual leave per annum.  Employees joining NICVA's staff after 1 April in any year are granted leave pro rata in their first leave year.

NICVA offices are closed for a one week period over the Christmas holidays.  Staff are asked to take three days annual leave out of their holiday entitlement to cover this.

Staff who have completed five full years’ service shall accrue an extra day per annum up to a maximum of five days in addition to the standard entitlement.  These additional days will be awarded on the anniversary of the employee’s start date and are intended as a reward for loyalty and experience.

Statutory holidays with pay are granted in addition to the annual holiday leave, the dates to be specified by NICVA from year to year.  A statutory holiday falling within a period of annual leave will not count as part of that leave.

Part-time employees are entitled to:        

  • Statutory holidays provided on a pro rata basis.
  • Annual leave provided on a pro rata basis.

Staff are asked to plan their leave carefully to ensure they have sufficient leave to cover any unexpected circumstances.

Carrying Forward Annual Leave and Time Off in Lieu

Not more than five days of annual leave and 49 hours time off in lieu earned in a particular leave year may be carried forward into the next succeeding leave year.  When, in exceptional circumstances, an employee wishes to carry forward more than five days annual leave or 49 hours time in lieu, they may do so only with the prior agreement of their line manager, subject to the Director of Corporate Services’ approval.

Staff are not permitted to borrow leave from the next leave period.

Leave Not Taken Within the Period of a Fixed Term Contract

Employees engaged on a fixed term contract must ensure that all leave whether annual or time off in lieu has been taken before the expiry date of the contract since NICVA is unable to make salary or wages payments in lieu of unused leave.


NICVA recognises that there will be occasions when employees require time off work whether paid or unpaid.  The most common reasons and conditions for which special leave may be granted are detailed in the specific policies following this section.  Any requests for leave not covered in the Work Life Balance Policy will be at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

Inclement Weather/Civil Unrest

In the event of severe weather conditions, civil unrest or if there is a question whether NICVA might change the operating hours or even close, Management will attempt to contact all staff or a recorded a message will be activated on  reception switch board informing staff of any changes or closure.

If in doubt, you must contact your Line Manager for clarification.

If NICVA closes before employees report to work, all employees will be paid for the day.

While at work, if weather conditions/civil unrest worsen and management makes the decision to close the building, those employees that have reported to work will be paid for the day.

Any absence on inclement weather days when the office is open will have to be taken as annual leave or “approved” unpaid leave.

In the event that an employee reports late for work due to severe weather/civil unrest then no deductions from pay will be made.'s picture
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