Charity Annual Reporting

NICVA together with Rural Community Network (RCN) are providing help and support to charities completing their annual monitoring return and the required reports and accounts.

One to one Support

We can provide advice and support to your charity via phone and email.  We can also meet virtually using a range of free video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.   This support covers completing annual monitoring returns and advising on trustee annual reports, accounts and independent examiner’s reports.  We can also guide you through the process of officially closing your charity.


We have a range of short videos on different aspects of charity reporting.  We can also offer bespoke training to your board on completing their annual monitoring return and required reports and accounts.  For the time being, this training will be offered remotely.

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Annual reporting requirements for registered charities update

Annual reporting for all registered charities is reinstated now that the Charities Act (NI) 2022 has received royal assent. 

NICVA, working with Rural Community Network, has successfully helped over 700 charities with their charity reporting.

NICVA and RCN sent guidance on annual reporting to hundreds of charities and provided detailed help and support to over 200.

Key NI funder stresses the importance of completing the charity annual monitoring return.

This article outlines how completing your annual monitoring return can increase your chance of funding. 

Making time for governance

The past year has been a challenging time for organisations across the sector but technology has enabled many of us to do things differently, whether it be holding our board meetings online or adapting our services to meet public health guidance.

Reminder: Trustees can still Complete their Annual Monitoring Return

The Charity Commission has stopped sending reminders to charities.  However, online services is still operational and charities can complete their annual monitoring return and upload their reports & accounts. 

Changes to the Charity Register and Help with Charity Reporting

The Charity Commission has removed the status of charities on their website. This article explains the changes and offers support to any charity that may need assistance with charity reporting.

Trustee annual reporting webinar recording

If you missed our webinar on Trustee annual reporting for Trustees' Week you can watch it now at the link below.'s picture

Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

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