Each topic section of State of the Sector uses data from a number of sources, primarily the State of the Sector survey, but also NICVA's Sector Forecast Survey, Individual Giving Survey and Workforce Survey.

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share.

Additional sources of data include NICVA's own administrative database and open data sources such as 360 Giving and the Government Funders Database.

You can find full a description of how the data has been collected and used in the Methodology section of the website.

As part of NICVA's work and commitment to open data, such as the Detail Data project and ODI Belfast, we are making the data in each of the charts that you will find in each State of the Sector topic available on NICVA's Datastore:

Right below each chart is also a direct link to the file hosted in the NICVA Datastore used to generate that chart.

You can also find some of the raw data behind each of these datasets on the Datastore, such as Individual Giving Surveys, and we're working to release more of these as open data.