Benefits of a coaching approach to managing people.

20 Aug 2018 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 21 Sep 2020

Ever thought of using coaching and mentoring as a way of developing and managing your staff/volunteers?

Coaching and mentoring can increase staff/volunteer effectiveness and improve organisational performance. 

By honing our skills and knowledge we can learn to choose the most appropriate style of management for the person and the situation. As managers, when use coaching and mentoring skills we can improve how we get the best out of our staff as well as being a great way to motivate and lead.

As organisations, adopting a coaching culture can transform our working environments and make it more positive and open resulting in people feeling valued and services being improved for the communities we work with.

Benefits for individuals:

  • Improves performance by building people’s capacity to resolve their own issues
  • Builds their emotional intelligence and makes them more self-aware and motivated
  • Increases confidence, belief in self and higher morale
  • Enhances career, and promotion prospects
  • Provides clarity of purpose, logical, clear goals and provided focus
  • Improves awareness and insights, self-analysis of strengths and weaknesses

Benefits for organisation performance:

  • Creates a more positive work environment, as it encourages an environment where it is safe to be open and honest.
  • Improves relationships with manager and colleagues
  • Generates of creative ideas, how to best use available skills and resources of teams within the organisation 
  • Cultivates greater flexibility and adaptability to change within an organisation 


  “Coaching in organization and leadership settings is also an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide range of needs. The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (International Coach Federation 2009).


If you would like any more information about the support and training that NICVA can offer in this area please contact [email protected] or have a look at our online ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring, which starts on 29 September 2020.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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