Wellbeing of staff and volunteers

18 May 2020Sandra Bailie COVID 19, Employment and HR (COVID19), HRstaff

The wellbeing of staff and volunteers is something that needs our attention more than ever, during this time of uncertainty and challenge. We want to promote and support the wellbeing of our staff and volunteers and here are some links to help you.

Working from home - checklist and tips

17 Mar 2020Sandra Bailie Running your Organisation (COVID19)staff, homeworking

Moving office staff to homeworking is going to offer new challenges. This article gives some practical advice.

Benefits of a coaching approach to managing people.

20 Aug 2018Sandra Bailie Training and Skills Developmentcoaching, management, staff, volunteers, Training

Ever thought of using coaching and mentoring as a way of developing and managing your staff/volunteers? Coaching and mentoring can increase staff/volunteer effectiveness and improve organisational performance.