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Across Divides is an exciting new podcast- a must listen for anyone with an interest in the voluntary and community sector or social enterprises.

NICVA and Ireland’s national association of charities, The Wheel, have launched the iCommunity hub to foster collaboration between community and voluntary groups across the island through a programme of events and discussions, including this podcast.

Throughout this series, we talk to guests from across the island’s regions and jurisdictions to explore the challenges faced by its communities. They come from a diversity of ages and traditions, abilities and genders, and take on issues like mental health, rural isolation, digital poverty, climate change, justice and equality, inclusion, and cross community work.

If you like what you hear we invite you to join us for the next iCommunity workshop, in person and online at NICVA Belfast on Wednesday 8 June. The topic for discussion is Digital Connectedness and Inclusion

New episodes have been added to the iCommunity hub

5. Biodiversity Crisis

6. Access to Nature

7. Decarbonising the Island

8. Communities Taking Climate Action

Other episodes are also available at the links below or wherever you listen to your podcasts:

1. Arts, Language and Culture (with Kabosh Theatre, Turas Irish Language Project, and Fighting Words)

2. Social Enterprise (with the Department of Rural and Community Development, the Irish Social Enterprise Network, Social Enterprise NI, and the Resurgam Trust)

 3. Marginalised Groups and Social Enterprise (with Now Group, Dignity Partnership, and Bounce Back Recycling)

4. Mental Health (with the Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland, Secondary Schools Union NI, and independent consultant Peter McBride)

You can also watch all episodes on the iCommunity Shared Practice Hub Youtube channel.

All the podcast and video episodes are available at

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