Community, Rights and Inclusion

For decades the voluntary and community sector has led many difficult discussions and forward thinking decisions with regards to community, rights and inclusion. It also provides services to enable a shared and inclusive society.


With almost three quarters of NICVA members working to promote positive community relations, it remains a substantial area of work for the sector in Northern Ireland.


Working in the heart of communities and interacting at a grass roots level, many VCSE organisations provide services supporting community cohesion and promoting protections of rights and inclusion for all.





Organisations within the sector work daily to address issues of community, identity, rights, good relations and reconciliation on a local and national level. They have a proven track record of engaging and supporting individual communities throughout Northern Ireland, as well as lobbying for the rights and inclusion of different groups of people in society who have found their rights being diminished by not only the implementation of particular policies but also through lack of policies in particular areas.




Click here to read case studies that demonstrate the value of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland. 

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