Community Relations

Community, Rights and Inclusion

24 Jun 2021Déarbhla Sloan Value of the SectorResearch, Community, Community Relations, Policy and Public Affairs, Public Benefit

For decades the voluntary and community sector has led many difficult discussions and forward thinking decisions with regards to community, rights and inclusion. It also provides services to enable a shared and inclusive society.

NICVA calls for spring participants for interface-based Transformative Leadership Programme

20 Jan 2020Helen McLaughlin Transformative Leadership Programme, Training and Skills DevelopmentInterface areas, Community Relations, Training, Training courses

Spring dates have now been set for the Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP)—a leadership training programme funded by the PEACE IV Programme through Belfast City Council.

Uncertainty and the Stormont House Agreement

25 Sep 2015Ryan Miller Community Relations, Politics

Provisions for dealing with the past within the Stormont House Agreement have come in for much public criticism. Scope looks at whether confusion on the issues is related to a lack of honest dialogue with the public.

Shroud education: sharing and the future

20 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Equality, Social Policy, Education, Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Shared Education is the big new thing for helping society come together and improving schooling. But what are we supposed to expect?

Crisis Fund: can a little go a very long way?

31 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Health, Mental Health, Sector Issues, Community Relations, Funding

Earlier this year OFMdFM released a small amount of funds to help vulnerable ethnic-minority migrants in crisis. Scope speaks with fund administrators the Red Cross about its success.

The other Villiers in Ireland: famine, internment, rebellion

21 Jul 2015Nick Garbutt Community Relations, Politics

Theresa Villiers is not the first of her family to hold high office in Ireland. 

It's just a ride - the economic impact of perception

17 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Another 12th of July, more phantasmagorical news footage of screaming, hatred and violence – what now for Brand Northern Ireland?

Inside the Orange Heritage Museum

9 Jul 2015Nick Garbutt Community Relations, Peace Process

Scope visits the newly-opened Museum of Orange Heritage on Belfast’s Cregagh Road. 

Who Plans Belfast?

18 Dec 2014Peace Process, Community Relations

Our revelations about the 1971 secret report into peacelines finally vindicates Scope, which was derided by the NIO when we published Derek Alcorn’s piece in 1982. The orginal article is reproduced below.

The Interface: will the walls ever come down?

16 Dec 2014Nick Garbutt Peace Process, Community Relations

The war may be over but the battle scarred front line is still there. Scope asks what the future holds for interface communities.