Detail Data Conference: Open Data for Funding, Citizens and Services

Last week’s Detail Data conference on the use of open data for funding, citizens and services attracted over 60 people from the VCSE, public and private sectors.

A diverse range of speakers provided real insights into the benefits of and opportunities for open data, with an emphasis on how sectors could work together to realise these. The conference also involved audience interaction to gauge the level of knowledge of open data. 

So what is open data?

Open Data is defined by the Open Data Institute (ODI) as data that anyone can access, use or share. It is non-personal data, usually released by government, which enables small businesses, citizens and researchers to develop resources which make improvements to communities. In 2015 an Open Data Strategy for Northern Ireland was launched, containing the framework and principles by which we aim to build capacity for delivering open data in Northern Ireland. The implementation of this strategy will create an ‘open by default’ culture whereby the publishing of open data becomes part of everyday management practices. The strategy covers all of the Northern Ireland public sector.

So what was the knowledge in the room?

On a scale from one to 10 (one being no knowledge) the level of knowledge of open data was 5.1.  The audience were also asked why the attended the conference. 69% of the audience were keen to learn something new from the event while 18% stated that they wanted to be inspired and feedback so far has indicated that this was achieved. 

So what were the key messages of the day?

Five key notes speakers provide a broad range of clear messages on where and how open data can be used. Read more about it in our Storify:

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