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Detail Data Conference: Open Data for Funding, Citizens and Services

18 Jan 2017Bob Harper Detail DataOpen Data, Detail Data

Last week’s Detail Data conference on the use of open data for funding, citizens and services attracted over 60 people from the VCSE, public and private sectors.

Waking up to Waste: How Northern Ireland's waste problem could leave a toxic legacy

7 Nov 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data

Northern Ireland is producing more than two million tonnes of waste each year, with campaigners claiming that inadequate government policies could create a toxic legacy for future generations.

Shortfalls revealed in disability provision at venues across Northern Ireland

4 Jul 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data

Major shortfalls have been identified in disability access at many of Northern Ireland’s most popular visitor, tourist, cultural and sporting attractions – potentially affecting the lives of over 300,000 people and their families.

Over 2,000 road crashes outside schools spark calls for 20mph speed limit

17 Jun 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data, Open Data, Roads, Health and Safety, Children

ELEVEN people - including one child - have been killed and over 2,600 people have been injured as a result of road traffic collisions close to schools in Northern Ireland over the last decade.

EU funding in NI agriculture: Should we stay or should we go?

9 Mar 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data, Open Data, Public Expenditure, Environment

MORE than 38,000 farmers and rural projects across Northern Ireland shared nearly £350million of European Union (EU) funding in a single year, according to the latest breakdown of figures.

Access Research Knowledge on Northern Ireland's social issues

5 Jan 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data, Open Data, Open Data Portal, Research, Social Issues, Social Policy

You can now access over 15 years of social information from ARK Northern Ireland on the Detail Data Portal.

Open Data and the Impact on Grant Funding

11 Nov 2015Andrea Thornbury Detail DataOpen Data, Granting Making Trusts, ODI Belfast, Detail Data

Open Data is an increasingly large part of the funding landscape here in Northern Ireland. Building ChangesTrust's Robbie Best has been out and about to find out more...