How Covid-19 is affecting you – NICVA weekly survey - Week 2

Below are some key findings from the second of four weekly Covid-19 surveys NICVA is running on how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting sector organisations.  

  • (94%) reported themselves to be healthy (compared with 95% in the previous weekly survey) and none reported having confirmed Covid-19
  • The top three most pressing issues facing organisations remained, as for the previous week, ‘Sustaining the organisation and its activities’, ‘Finance/Cash flow’ and the ‘Well-being of staff/volunteers.’ A close fourth was, ‘Adapting my services to deliver online’
  • Nearly two thirds (65.3%) said they felt the places where their organisations operated were safe spaces for staff, volunteers and services users, but 21.6% said they did not
  • A greater proportion (63.8%) felt well informed and had confidence in the guidance provided by the NI Executive and NI Government departments and agencies, than by Councils (57.2%) or UK Government (53.7%)
  • More organisations reported a reduction in staff and volunteers available to work/volunteer (60.2% compared to the previous week’s 52.8%)
  • Over half of respondents (58.8%) felt they were being supported flexibly by their current government funder, while one in six (14.1%) did not
  • Over half (54.3%) felt they were not receiving adequate funding from new government sources to sustain their organisations and activities.  This compared with 42.2% in the previous week’s survey.  Nearly a third (29.1%) however, said these funds were not applicable to them.

We really appreciate you taking the time to complete these brief surveys in this fast-moving situation.  We will continue to reflect and represent their findings to Government and others.

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