How Covid-19 is affecting you – NICVA weekly survey

To keep up to date with how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting community and voluntary organisations, NICVA is issuing a weekly survey for four weeks to the heads of our member organisations.  

Some key results from the last week’s survey include the following -

  • 95% of those who responded reported they were healthy and only 0.3% reported they had confirmed Covid-19. 
  • The top three most pressing issues facing organisations were ‘Sustaining the organisation and its activities’, ‘Finance/Cash flow’ and the ‘Well-being of staff/volunteers’
  • Over half of respondents (52.8%) reported a reduction in the numbers of staff and volunteers available to work/volunteer, with a quarter (25%) reporting a reduction of 80% or more
  • Over half of respondents (54.7%) felt they were being supported flexibly by their current government funder, while one in six (16.2%) did not
  • 42.9% felt they were not receiving adequate funding from new government sources to sustain their organisations and activities

The results of these surveys will help inform how NICVA represents your concerns and issues to government and others.  We really appreciate you taking the time to complete these surveys in this fast-moving situation.

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