Latest on the UK Shared Prosperity NI Programme - Update from Dept for Levelling Up

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), has just released an update on the process and timetable for developing the Northern UK Shared Prosperity Programme. 

UKSPF Investment Planning Process underway in Northern Ireland

In April 2022 the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) published the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) prospectus on GOV.UK.  Work is now underway within Northern Ireland to develop a Northern Ireland investment plan. 

What is the UKSPF?  

The UKSPF is £2.6bn of new funding for local investment across the UK by March 2025. In terms of level of funding, the Fund will ramp up from 2022-23, with funding for the UK reaching £1.5bn a year by 2025. The UKSPF is designed as a successor to EU structural funds but is not a direct replacement. Its focus is on increasing pride in place and improving life chances, and there are a range of interventions, that areas can invest in. 

For Northern Ireland, the fund represents £127m over three years, comprised of; £19M in this financial year, £33M in 2023/4, and £74M in 2024/5. This allocation includes £105M of core UKSPF funding and £22M for the adult numeracy programme Multiply.  The allocation comprises a mix of both revenue and capital funding. 

UKSPF funding can be invested across three investment priorities according to need and opportunity: Community and Place, Supporting Local Business, and People and Skills. The detail of how the money will be allocated and the impact it will have will be set out the Northern Ireland UKSPF investment plan – other than Multiply, there are no pre-set allocations for each investment priority.  

How will an investment plan be developed for Northern Ireland?  

The investment plan is a high-level document where UK Government, working with key partners and stakeholders will set out the mix of interventions and delivery routes for UKSPF in Northern Ireland. The investment plan will not be an exhaustive document detailing all projects.  

The Northern Ireland partnership group will be the primary vehicle for driving forward the design of the Northern Ireland investment plan. NICVA have been invited to sit on the partnership group as representatives of the community and voluntary sector.   

Joining NICVA on the group are representatives from UK government, local government, the community and voluntary sector, social enterprise, skills and education, and business.  

To inform the work of the partnership group there will be engagement with organisations across Northern Ireland through a series of communications, workshops, and meetings focussed on the investment themes and interventions of UKSPF.  

The objective is to develop the investment plan over the next three months, before sign off by DLUHC ministers. With delivery, including opportunities to bid for funding, to start later this year. 

If you have questions which have not been covered by the attached slides and published information or would like to share evidence with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to support the investment planning process, please submit this via [email protected].  


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