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16 Nov 2023 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 21 Nov 2023

Since September 2020 153 people have participated in our ILM level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management and the learning has made a real difference to their leadership practice.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management equips managers and leaders with confidence and skills to lead their teams and organisations. Through teaching, group work and peer learning it gives the opportunity to problem solve and create a vision for the future.

Participants report improved teams, better performance management, effective leadership and professional development that enables them to do their jobs better and feel more confident in their roles.

What previous participants have told us

I enjoyed the course. I really benefited from networking with others on the course and we provided great peer support to each other. I now understand more about leadership styles and when to use them to suit the situation. - The Resource Centre

I am more confident in my approach. I am now more active in my leadership and adapt my leadership style to suit the situation. I have used my learning in performance management issues I have faced. - Action Mental Health

NICVA has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of both communities as well as training, learning and empowering others to make a change. This course session was a true reflection of the great work they do and the level of the facilitation was really well delivered to alleviate any fears. - Radius Housing

Everything I covered on the course was relevant to my job, in fact no matter what job you do it can be related. It covers every aspect needed for a leader and was understandable and the timeframe kept me motivated. - Sure Start South Armagh

I learnt about myself and my leadership and learning styles. It has helped me reflect on my practice and improve. Emotional intelligence has prompted me to think about the culture and resilience in our organisation especially working from home and has provided me with tools and structures to do this. - Brain Injury Matters

Roisin, the trainer,  is brilliant and set the tone of the diploma very well and how she spoke about not being afraid to ask for support and utilising the support mechanisms. She definitely put a lot of people's minds at ease and I thought it was very key as to how she did this right from the beginning. Overall I enjoyed the course and found it very useful and I like how there was a great mix of people from various settings and perspective.  - Springboard

Next Course

Our next ILM level 5 Diploma has its induction on 14 December 2023 and the training sessions start on 25 January 2024. This course is for middle to senior managers who want to increase their confidence and skills, as well as get peer support from other leaders in the Voluntary and Community Sector.

You can book your place here

If you are not sure or want more information please contact Roisin Kelly

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