LRA publishes helpful guide on home working

The LRA (Labour Relations Agency) recently published 'A Practical Guide to Working from Home: COVID19 and beyond' to assist employers and employees who continue to work from home in uncertain times.

Where can I access the guide?

You can access the Guide here on the LRA website and it is also attached to this article. 

What is included in the guide?

In it the LRA states that, 'It is recognised that many organisations have been effectively required to make this type of flexible work arrangement “work” and as such it has presented both problems and solutions in equal measure.' The Guide therefore covers a range of topics about home working in the current circumstances and looks at:

  • Key considerations and practicalities of working from home
  • Things to think about and take action on
  • Top tips for managers and employees

As you continue to adapt to ongoing home working, hopefully this resource will answer some questions you have about how best to deal with the opportunities and challenges it presents. 


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