We provide HR advice and guidance on a range of topics to help voluntary and community organisations deal with HR matters effectively. We also provide examples of HR policies through publishing our staff handbook. You can find out more about HR issues on our HR hub.

HR training series Autumn 2023

9 Dec 2022Sandra Bailie Training and Skills DevelopmentHR, managing staff

Our people are our greatest asset so it is important that they are developed, supported and managed well. This Human Resource (HR) series is for anyone who manages staff and board members in the voluntary and community sector. 

Work Well Live Well in NICVA

9 Dec 2022Sandra Bailie HRWellbeing, Mental Health, HR

Last year NICVA partnered with NI Chest Heart and Stroke (NICHS) and The Public Health Agency (PHA) to be part of the Work Well Live Well Programme. This short article tells of our journey and some of the ideas we have for next year.

NJC Payscales for 2022/23

9 Nov 2022Eamonn McKee HRHR, NJC Payscales

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services pay agreement has been confirmed for 2022/23.  The pay offer was for a flat rate payment of £1,925 on each scale point with effect from 1 April 2022.

NJC 2022 - 2023 PAY UPDATE

3 Nov 2022Eamonn McKee HRHR, Salaries, NJC Payscales

The 2022 pay award has been agreed with trade unions.

Guest Blog: Workplace Wellbeing – Is it another thing to add to the list?

8 Sep 2022Susan Glass HR, Training and Skills DevelopmentHR, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Catherine Murnin from The Wellbeing Pathway outlines the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, why we should be talking about it, some of the barriers and enablers, and the actions organisations can take.

Training for Autumn 2022

20 Jun 2022Sandra Bailie Training and Skills DevelopmentTraining, Governance, HR

We have a wide range of training planned for our Autumn term in NICVA, from accredited training to webinars on topics such as: Leadership, Coaching, Governance, Training and Human Resources.

Minimum Wage increased rates - April 2022

29 Mar 2022Eamonn McKee HRHR

The National Minimum and National Living Wage rates will increase on 1 April 2022.

NJC Payscales for 2021/22

2 Mar 2022Eamonn McKee HRHR, NJC Payscales

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services pay agreement has been confirmed, with a cost of living increase of 1.75% from 01 April 2021.

NICVA's approach to piloting blended/hybrid working

24 Nov 2021Alex Hastings COVID 19; HRHR

As organisations begin to return to the workplace, NICVA has updated its Hybrid Working Policy which hopefully will offer some guidance to other organisations in the sector.   

LRA publishes new employer guide to Hybrid Working

8 Oct 2021Alex Hastings Employment and HR (COVID19)HR

The LRA (Labour Relations Agency) has published new guidance: 'A Practical Guide to Hybrid Working' to help employers who wish to develop a blended approach to working at home/remotely and in the workplace.