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17 Feb 2021 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 17 Feb 2021

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Camilla Long from Bespoke Communications delivered a session on Using LinkedIn to connect on 11 February as part of the CFNI Accelerator Programme funded by The Department for Communities.

If you missed it you can watch the recording below.

Some tips from Camilla on improving how you use LinkedIn:

Focus on your purpose

  • Use LinkedIn as a platform for sharing your purpose
  • Many corporate partnerships come from networks with your staff and volunteer body.
  • All great and inspiring leaders all think act and communicate – the golden circle – Why? How? What?
  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning and why should anyone care?
  • Look at your social selling index- this will allow you to see who good you are at making the right connections

Ways to improve your connections

Couch to 5 K

  • My network accept/reject requests
  • Reply to messages
  • React to your notifications
  • Engage with 2-3 posts on your home news feed
  • Check who has viewed your profile

Supercharged – do these twice a week

  • Search and send requests on your network – make it personal
  • Post consistently twice a week
  • Get your profile in tip top shape - Make sure you have a professional photograph,.You can use Canva to make a banner for you or your organisation.
  • People connect with people – best to have a personal account in LinkedIn

What content works?

  • Think about your audience – What do they need? What help can you give them?
  • Audience will ask WIIFM – what’s in it for me?
  • You are not the hero of your content
  • Shows to your first degree connections – if they engage then it shows to their first degree connections – this amplifies your message
  • Write for a reading age of 12 years – you may be the expert in your field but others are not. Make them conversational.
  • #broetry – how to write for LinkedIn and advice
  • Avoid links in the post – the alogrum will download that, put links in the comments
  • If you share content then include context.
  • Only tag a couple of people
  • Think about how your audience is feeling and respond to that

Watch the webinar here:

NICVA Using LinkedIn to connect - with Bespoke Communications from Bespoke Communications on Vimeo.


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