Using Social Media to connect: webinar recording and tips

10 Apr 2020 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 18 Nov 2020

Louise Brogan from Social Bee NI delivered a webinar for NICVA on using social media to connect staff and service users.

 Fifty-five people logged on for the webinar on Zoom on 8 April with Louise Brogan from Social Bee NI - our biggest audience for a NICVA webinar so far.

12 things I learnt or was reminded about on the webinar - 

  • Social Media rules - Show up, Share daily, use video
  • Think carefully about who your audience is on each of your social media channels
  • Ask questions - when you get comments you connect with more people
  • Think how you can best serve your audience, it's not about you - what do they want or need
  • Use good quality images - ones you take yourself are best
  •, Pikwizard and Pixabay have free high quality images
  • Look at your Facebook insights to see who is engaging with your content and adapt accordingly
  • Avoid long messages - break up your message into bite size chunks and post 
  • Create Facebook groups from your Facebook page to connect with a set group of people
  • When you add a image in Twitter you can tag 10 more people
  • Engage with people  - reply, retweet, join conversations
  • Use your video when talking to people online as it allows you to connect more

If you missed the webinar and would like to watch it now please - watch below or click here


Thanks again to Social Bee NI.

If there are any other webinars you would like us to provide please get in touch [email protected]
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by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

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