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8 Feb 2022 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 9 Feb 2022

Sahil Shah, Partnerships Manager gave an overview of The Big Give, the UK's number 1 match funding platform specialising in connecting charities, philanthropists and the public to make a greater impact through the power of match funding.
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This resource summarises the key points and includes the recording of the webinar.

The Big Give supports charities by showcasing your work to supporters and philanthropists, enabling you to take online donations,  increasing your online visibility, and offering you opportunities to take part in match funding campaigns. Since 2008, £186m has been raised for good causes through match funding. Most recently, the Christmas Challenge 2021 raised £24 million.

Key benefits to running matched funding campaigns include diversifying your income streams and helping to develop new donors and engaging existing supporters. Additionally, employees and volunteers can use the platform to hone digital fundraising skills and the online profile provides a platform to increase your brand’s awareness and have a bigger voice. Their research has found that 36% of donors said that they gave a larger gift because matching was applied to their donation.

Christmas Challenge

  • UK’s biggest online match funding campaign
  • Hundreds of charities take part each year – open to all charities regardless of core mission.
  • Week long campaign - launches on #GivingTuesday each year
  • Champions looking to support and fund a wide range of causes (Champions is the term used for their philantrophists)
  • Median income of charities taking part is £500k
  • Last year £24 million raised for 928 charities
  • 92% of Christmas Challenge 2020 charities received a donation from at least one completely new supporter
  • Matched funding model for Christmas Challenge; charities have to contribute to the funding pot, called pledges.
  • Apply to stage 1 and you are automatically enrolled into stage 2.
  • Secure your pledges
  • Their Champions then review the applicants to decide who they will award funding to; charity is then notified if they will or will not receive matched funding.

Find out more here: How we help - Christmas Challenge (

Green Match Fund

  • The Green Match Fund is a match funding campaign for charities that are working on environmental issues as part of their core mission.
  • Last year was their first time running the campaign; it raised £1.8 million for 100 charities.
  • All public donations made to participating charities via during the week of the campaign (22-29 April 2022) will be matched up to a specific amount. 
  • Charities can apply to participate in the campaign via an open application.
  • Some charities may also be invited directly to participate by a match funding Champion.
  • Charities applying via the open application who are successful at the selection stage will be awarded a ring-fenced amount of match funding which will be used to match public donations - either £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000. 

Find out more here and apply before 25th February 2022: Green Match Fund (

Run your own match funding campaign

  • You can also run your match funding campaign throughout the year on the Big Give website, if you can provide your own match funds (minimum required £1000).
  • You set the amount of matched funding available before running the campaign meaning your donors will not have to commit more funding.  
  • You can still continue to receive donations; they just won’t be matched.
  • Donors can see in real-time that their funds being matched (or not), and the total raised.
  • Could be a better option to work with your organisations fundraising calendar.
  • A way to engage with your existing donors and supporters, e.g. annual fundraising challenge.

Case Study: The Brain Tumour Charity

  • Ran two match funded campaigns on the Big Give between April 2020 and September 2020 raising over £150,000 in total.
  • 20% of donors were new to the charity
  • 82% of donors opted in to receiving communications from the charity

 "We have some donors who have specifically asked to be notified should we host similar campaigns in future as they were so thrilled to have their gift doubled." - The Brain Tumour Charity

For more information: Run your own campaign (

Key take aways:

  • Any funder of your choice can be approached to secure your own funding including Trustees (and their networks), Businesses and corporations, Major donors, and Trusts and Foundations.
  • Cause neutral campaigns such as the Christmas Challenge are open to any charity; specific funds such as the Green Match Fund open to only charities with environmental issues as part of their core mission.
  • Minimum funding amount you need to take part in their matched funding campaigns is £1000. This can be from one donor or a composite where each donor must donate at least £100. E.g. 10 donors contribute £100 to meet £1000 fund minimum.
  • The BigGive charge administration fees for card processing – this goes to the card processing company, not the Big Give. Additional admin fees include charging at 4% for the Big Give to reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf. This is only applied if you opt into this service.
  • Donors have the option to make a donation to cover admin fees.
  • If you are already receiving funding from a funder, this does not affect you being selected for matched funding if the funder is part of their group of Champions.
  • To be eligible to take part in and/or run your own matched funding campaign, you must be a UK-registered charities with at least one year of filed accounts and an annual income of at least £25,000 (as per last filed accounts), or organisations with tax-exempt status for charitable purposes. Voluntary, constituted group and social enterprises are currently ineligible.

How to get involved

Registration is free. To register, visit, click on Charity Login, and follow the steps to register for an account.

Send any queries to [email protected]

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