Fundraising in this new context: webinar recording and resources

1 Oct 2020 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 22 Feb 2021

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On 30 September NICVA facilitated a 'Fundraising in this new context' webinar as part of the CFNI Accelerator Programme funded by the Department for Communities.

Lynn Kennedy, NICVA's Fundraising Advice Officer, Nadine Campbell, Chair of the Institute Of Fundraising NI and Head of Fundraising for Age NI, and Joanne McDowell from the Fundraising Regulator in NI all gave presentations followed by a question and answer session for participants. The recording and resources are available below.


Lynn started by highlighting some recent surveys evidencing the state of our sector at this time. The latest NICVA survey showed that 18.3% of organisations had lost 75% or more of their normal income and  26% had lost 25%- 50%. 31% expected their income to fall by 51-75% in the next 6 months. NfpSynergy survey - 28% gave less in the last 12 months than previous years. Charity shop income, on street collections & event participation all down significantly since January. While Direct Debits, website giving and membership have held up well, and increased in some cases. She then outlined the need to review your fundraising strategy with increased agility and new cases for support.  She also shared some tips:

  • Understand your cash flow
  • Scenario plan review your planning process, shorter timeframes
  • Use skills of fundraisers effectively and invest in them
  • Inform and involve your board
  • Update and use your case for support
  • Strip out activity that does not perform
  • Keep communication open internal and external

Lynn also gave some examples of useful planning tools to use all available in the resources below.


Nadine gave an overview of the role and work of The Institute of Fundraising NI and pointed to a number of useful resources and webinars that they are running. She then posed some questions that fundraisers need to know the answers to such as:

  • How much £ do we need to raise to keep all our services going?
  • What is the ratio of how many people need our help, versus the number we actually help?
  • What has our income shortfall been this year (taking into account funding losses)?
  • If we raise this shortfall what does it mean, what services will continue?

As Head of Fundraising in Age NI Nadine has had to make changes to the way they fundraise and adapt their fundraising strategy to suit the current situation. She gave us some tips:

  • Revise your case for support
  • Keep your supporters updated via phone, mail and email
  • Work collaboratively across all teams 
  • Long term planning is difficult. Focus on the here and now.
  • Use social media and make it engaging with videos

Fundraising Regulator

Joanne gave an overview of the work and role of The Fundraising Regulator, mentioning the Code of Fundraising Practice, Registration and the levy, the Fundraising Preference Service and complaints. She pointed people to a short video on the Code of Fundraising practice that explained it well. She then described the parts of the Code and how people could use it to help direct their fundraising practice, including digital fundraising, returning to public fundraising and working with others. Joanne gave some details on the guidance available on the FR website and useful webinars and resources for the sector.

Surveys on the Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 Fundraising Guidance

Fundraising Regulator Coronavirus Guidance

Fundraising Regulator IoF Fundraising Guidance during Coronavirus

Fundraising Audit & Planning Tools

Watch the recording here

Other Resources

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