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This Viewfinder covers issues such as the smoking ban, devolution in Northern Ireland, the issue of a draft Code of Governance for the voluntary and community sector, as well as the idea of mergers.
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Viewfinder is a NICVA survey, distributed to members four times a year which focuses on issues that currently affect the sector.

This Viewfinder 7 survey was circulated to NICVA full members at the beginning of the summer of 2007 and there was a 37.1% response rate (from 918 organisations).

Key findings include:

  • Since the introduction of the smoking ban, 78.1% of respondents in the voluntary and community sector have created a smoke free policy for their organisation.
  • Over three quarters (76.4%) of respondents feel that the transfer of power to the Northern Ireland Assembly where politicians will have to move beyond green and orange issues to deal with ‘real issues’ that affect society will be difficult.
  • The vast majority of Viewfinder respondents believe the draft Code of Good Governance is a positive development, but almost three quarters of respondents feel they would need further support and guidance to assist them adhere to its principles.
  • Partnership working is very common in the sector, with 81.8% of organisations which responded currently involved in some form of partnership working with other organisations.
  • In recognition of the important role of partnership working in the sector almost two thirds of respondents would like more advice on due diligence.
  • Just under half of respondents find strategic planning difficult (48.9%).

Previous Viewfinder surveys are available on our Research page.

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