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This Viewfinder survey deals with issues as the summer marching season, the end of academic selection and training of board members.
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Viewfinder is a NICVA survey, distributed to members four times a year which focuses on issues that currently affect the sector.

The Viewfinder 6 survey was circulated to 881 NICVA members in June 2006. There was a 27.2% response rate.

Key findings include:

  • Funding should be allocated entirely on objective need (according to 67.6% of respondents).
  • Approximately two-thirds (64.7%) of respondents do not believe that funders make it easy to build Full Cost Recovery into contracts.
  • Almost seven out of every ten respondents (68.2% of respondents) believe that ensuring board members have up to date skills is a difficult task (68.2% of respondents).
  • The proposed end to academic selection at age 11 is viewed to be a positive development (60.6% of respondents).
  • Over half of respondents (58.1%) view the summer parades season to be part of the culture of Northern Ireland.

Previous Viewfinder surveys are available on our Research page.

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