NICVA Launch State of the Sector Research

NICVA has launched its latest State of the Sector research in a brand new online format. Explore the new online resource here.

NICVA has launched the latest State of the Sector research, which provides information on the size, scope and finances of the Northern Ireland Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector. This State of the Sector is presented in a new online resource which can be accessed here.  This marks a change from previous State of the Sector research with new data, a new approach and a new format. 

New Data: Since the publication of the last State of the Sector research in 2012 there have been significant developments in the open data arena in Northern Ireland. NICVA has capitalised on these developments by using more open data sources to inform State of the Sector.  NICVA has also been working closely with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland to combine their data on registered charities with NICVA’s own database to create the most robust State of the Sector sampling frame to date.

New Approach:  Historically much of the organisational data used in SOS have been collected through hard copy surveys. This time NICVA used an online survey platform to gather and analyse survey responses.

New Format: In keeping with the online theme, this State of the Sector marks a change in format, with findings now presented in a new interactive section of NICVA’s website rather than a hard copy report. This format allows users to easily and quickly navigate through the research. In addition, the new online resource will enable the research team at NICVA to update the State of the Sector research on a rolling basis.

The new online resource is broken into key sections which include: Profile, Workforce, Giving, Volunteers, Income and Expenditure, Future Issues and Methodology.

NICVA’s Research Team will be presenting key findings from the research at a State of the Sector launch event on 28th September. Paul Givan MLA, Minister for the Department for Communities, will be outlining his priorities for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector at the event and will be commenting on the research. You can register for the event here.

Key Findings from the State of the Sector research include:

  • The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector is comprised of an estimated 6,127 organisations.
  • The three council areas with the highest proportions of organisations include: Belfast (27%), Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon (11%) and Derry and Strabane (9%).
  • 81% of organisations that responded to the State of the Sector survey operated in Northern Ireland only.
  • The top five areas of work identified by organisations in the State of the Sector survey included: Community Development; Education/ Training; Health and Wellbeing; Children (6-13 years) and Children (0-5 years).
  • The sector’s total funding (including grants and contracts) was £589,110,186.
  • An estimated 33% of organisations had an annual income of less than £10,000.
  • The estimated total paid workforce is 44,703.
  • 75% of the paid workforce is female.
  • There is an estimated 241,264 volunteers linked to organisations.
  • 57% of the Northern Ireland adult population donated to charitable causes over a monthly period.
  • The most popular causes that donors gave to were health (42%), Hospitals and Hospices (16%) and Children and Young People (15%).
  • The mean donation per head of population was £17.44, and this has remained largely stable from 2011.

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